2 Sept 2013

august 2013 review

Happiness Project

This month's goal was meant to be 'contemplate the heavens' and to keep a gratitude notebook. I can say that, without a doubt, I failed this goal. The one negative I have found with the Happiness Project is that some of the goals cannot be tailored to everyone - something I should have probably realised at the beginning of the year when planning each month's goals.

For the rest of the year, I think I will forego having a goal for each month and just aim to try and maintain a positive attitude. Here is how I will do this:

By slipping in a quote or some interesting illustration in between a week's spread, I am ensuring that I regularly see something positive :)

Anyway, here is how my August looked - I didn't really make good use of the monthly planning pages this month.

And this month's essentials...

Green Tea

This month, I was obsessed with green tea. Although the weather was mostly hot during the day, I still craved it. I drink one pot a day (using the coffee maker shown above) and I am sure this trend will continue during times of study!

The Ashes (Cricket)

I'm a massive cricket fan and what better test series to watch than The Ashes? 

From next month onwards, this essentials section will change slightly. You'll have to wait until the September review to find out how it will change! :)

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