8 Sept 2013

my week #73

My week was packed due to it being full of introductory lectures and other essential inductions. Having always lived within walking distance of school and university (high school was only a 20 minute walk and university was only a maximum of a 30 minute walk) so taking a bus there and back was an alien experience for me.

Although this week looks seriously busy (which it was), next week will be a lot better now all these intro things are out of the way.

How has your week been?


  1. I hope you had a great first week! x x

  2. Your blog inspired me to buy a filofax, which I bought today and I'm already obsessed with it! Going to be spending a lot of time on your blog looking for stationery ideas too! Really ennjoying reading your posts!

    Jade / jadicusxo.blogspot.com xoxo

  3. Your weekly pages are always so cute without having that dreadful -a unicorn threw up all over my planner- look. I definitely need to make my daily pages more cheerful looking. Would be an incentive to actually use the darn thing !

  4. love your handwriting :) hope you had a good first week back!