8 Jul 2014

now sold: kate spade agenda

This planner is now sold. Thank you for your interest.

Due to the financial circumstances I'll be in for the next year (hello, not enough funding to live on per week), I'm selling this Kate Spade agenda. I've barely used it and it is in excellent condition. The colour is a bright pillar box red with a fabric polka dot lining the interior along with leather pockets. Inside, the rings are 30mm in diameter and are of an ice-gold colour.

The organiser won't come with any refills I'm afraid and it also came with no box (which is how it came when I first got it).

This truly is a beautiful organiser and I am gutted to have to let it go. The fact is, though, I've only used it for a few weeks maximum ever since getting it so I can't justify keeping it.

I am no longer accepting offers on this planner. Thank you for your interest.

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