17 Jul 2014

review: the planner by seeso

Today, I'd like to share the second planner I purchased from The Fox and Star from my blog post earlier this week. This is The Planner (gotta love products that are named accordingly) by Seeso and it retails at £19.50. Included are 13 monthly planners and 65 weeks worth of planning pages. This one is definitely my favourite of the two purchased and I'll try and show you why in this post.

Included are some stickers - I would have liked to have got a set that had 2014/2015 as I was planning on using it either at the start of the academic year (September 2014 to August 2015) or starting it at the beginning of 2015. Minor thing though as the planner is undated. There are some some month stickers which are designed to be folded so that on one side it has the month's number and on the other, the month in text. Other stickers can be found on the same sheet too.

The yearly planner is big enough to colour code and maybe write a little in it. I don't usually use a yearly planner so I have no idea how to utilise something of this layout - maybe I can colour code in birthdays and holidays as a starting point?

The weekly layout is lined (hooray!) and has times down the side (another hooray!). There is space at the bottom for to-do lists and other information (yet another hooray!) but Saturday and Sunday have one again been demoted to half the space of a weekday (boo!).

Lined paper is provided at the back, as is plain better with lines on the right hand side, along with some squared paper, plain paper but separated into boxes, lined paper with margins bilaterally and plain paper that is ruled in the middle (weird?).

Once again, there is a page for personal information at the back.

And a flap at the back for those bits and bobs you may choose to cart around with you.

Overall, I love how white the paper is (it is pretty bright) and the elastic closure means that the planner is kept together quite safely. I love the layout of the planning pages and I love the design of it. It isn't as heavy as a ring-bound planner (such as my Smythson or a Filofax) and the paper is A5 in size (the perfect size for a university student's planner in my opinion).

Words cannot describe how in love with this planner I am - it is minimalistic in design so I can put my own mark on it and orange colour makes me happy!

What are your thoughts on this planner?


  1. I have a very similar one from Iconic, asian stationary is the best. Never buy anything else now!

    1. Iconic is one of my favorite stationery brand, they have amazing stuff!

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  3. Oh I love how many different features it has - especially the pages in the back! I could see the pages with lines in the middle being used for story boards (something I have to do with my media work!). Also love the quote on the cover!

    (Deleted my first sorry - had a really weird typo!)

  4. Is it really discontinued?? :((( I've been eyeing this ever since you first started posting about it and every week you show how you set it up I just want to get my hands on it. http://www.fallindesign.com/seeso-the-planner-time-plan-undated-diary-scheduler/ <-- says it's been discontinued T.T

    1. Hi Kim, I'm not sure - I got it from The Fox and Star and I think they've sold out. You might find that Seeso release a new version in time for 2016 as a lot of the Asian stationery brands do this with their undated planners. Hope you manage to track one down! x