6 Jul 2014

my week #116

Exams finished on Tuesday this week and with it came the end of my first year (of four) at medschool. I get a crude pass/fail result on Tuesday (eek!) so fingers crossed that everything is a pass. I've worked seriously hard this year so I hope it has all been worth it. If not, there is always the chance to resit and worse case scenario? I'd have to repeat first year all over again.

I went and saw The Fault In Our Stars on Friday and having read the book, I knew it would be an emotionally charged film. I just didn't anticipate that my tears would continue flowing for a good two or three minutes post-film!

How has your week been?

Also, as a heads-up, I will be selling my Kate Spade organiser. It is a pillar-box red colour and has 30mm ice-gold rings with a polka dot fabric lining. I will be doing a more detailed blog post on it and I'm not sure how much I'm looking to get for it at the moment. Having received an assessment of how much bursary and loan money I will be getting for next year, I am having a mass clear out of clothes/stationery/anything that I haven't used for the past year. Moreover, I will be working full-time over summer to try and raise some funds too. So, if you're interested, give me an email angela @ paperlovestory.com with your best offer and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please note that the organiser will come empty and it has no box (as it came with no box when I originally bought it).


  1. Great post as always! rebeccaalicee.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. Congrats for finishing your first year! :)