20 Jul 2014

my week #118

I started work properly at the end of this week so I had to ensure all my other 'admin' was taken care of earlier in the week, hence all of the to-dos on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Although this is only my second full week off from uni, I kind of miss it! The routine, seeing friends (who are currently on holiday), studying and learning about things that I have an interest in...

This week, I continued a 'happiness journal' I started last week - it is a notebook where I write down three good things that happened each day. For me, it's impossible to write in my proper journal each and every day and I don't want to grow old forgetting those little things that bring a smile to my face.

How has your week been? I hope the heat hasn't been stifling where you are - it makes sleep quite difficult and those thunderstorms - woah, they are frighteningly beautiful.


  1. I finished university for summer way back in May, and I'm really looking forward to going back in September aha! I miss having lectures and learning new things. I'm still unsure of the heat. It's nice, but too much at times! And I've slept straight through all big thunderstorms!
    The happiness journal sounds like a great idea!

    1. I know that feeling! I miss uni already :( It's only four weeks away now so getting quite excited to start again!

      I've decided I'm not a big fan of the heat - working in it is ridiculous and sleeping in it is almost impossible. The thunderstorms are amazing to watch though! x