24 May 2015

my week #162

This week, two of my close friends from uni left the country because they'll be spending the next two years of medschool in the States. As a result, I've been feeling quite sad because I'll miss them a lot. I spent Thursday catching up on the television I'd missed (hello, Made in Chelsea, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Have I Got News For You, Grey's Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory... You name it, I probably watched it). There's nothing more satisfying than catching up on TV in your PJs after an intense exam period.

Pass/fail results were released on Wednesday and I was tense the whole day. We were told they would be uploaded at around 3pm or 4pm so cue a nervy hour or so where I sat glued to my email/Facebook to see if anyone else had any info about these results. At 1608, there was a sigh of relief as I saw those four beautiful letters that made up the word 'pass'. Numerical results won't be released for a while yet but this means I can relax a bit easier! This officially means I'm halfway through medical school - where did the time go?!

How has your week been?