31 May 2015

my week #163

This week, I changed the blog design and I'm not sure I like the header all that much. The colour scheme is also a bit dreary so I may change it again soon if I find the time for it. I have a university project starting soon so this design may stay for a bit longer but we'll see :)

On Friday, I was meant to give blood but I felt quite unwell so had to rebook my appointment unfortunately. This week was also a good chance to catch up on sleep I had missed out on and to be able to sleep in past seven a.m. has been a definite luxury (how sad does that sound?!).

How has your week been?


  1. Love the planner layout for this week! My personal week started off on a new clerkship: Emergency medicine. It's wild!

    1. Thanks Chantelle! Emergency medicine sounds like a lot of fun: it's definitely one rotation I'm looking forward to! Hope you're enjoying it x