21 May 2015

my planner (by seeso graphics!) set-up

In the past, I've done posts where I've showed how my binder has been organised so I thought I'd do the same with my planner this year, even though it's bound. Although you can't modify the set-up and layout of it, I can show you how I've utilised each section.

The cover is a textured orange card with a real minimalistic feel. When you open it up, there's a 2015 year calendar sticker and some post-it notes.

The next section are monthly planning sheets and I've definitely made use of these. I've tried monthly sheets in my binder before and I just didn't get on with them in the sense that I'd forget about them so they'd just be taking up space. In this planner, I've found myself using them a lot more and I'm not really sure why!

In the middle are the weekly planner sheets and I do love how there are time slots for each hour of the day from 6am to 7pm. I would've preferred it if the time slots were from 8am to 9pm but they are pretty functional the way they are.

The spaces under the slots are used for to-do lists, shopping lists and other bits of planning that need to be done in that particular week. I may also slip in a quote or two if I'm feeling particularly philosophical that week.

At the back, there are various types of note paper, from lined to plain, from half lined to squared: I use these to write lists of topics that need revision, books I want to read and other things such as important information I may need when out and about (such as membership numbers, etc).

Right at the back, there is a secretarial pocket which holds dot stickers and other things. The pocket is made of quite thin card and looks like it may rip at any moment so I'm careful not to overstuff it and also try and be as gentle with it as possible.

It's not even halfway through the year yet and I love how battered the planner looks already! Hopefully, by the end of the year, it'll look well worn and used - just how a bound planner should look after twelve months of consistent use.

Pictures taken in Feb 2015


  1. Where did you buy this planner? I love it!!

  2. Hi! I bought it from The Fox and Star but they've sold out and the planner's been discontinued now x

  3. Oh I love it! This makes me want to go back to bound planners... I just love the cover, and how the diary looks.