19 May 2015

essentials for a study session

Last month, I did a post on the tools I used for exam revision. In this post, I will be building on that by listing the items required (mainly for myself but some may also be applicable for you :) ) for a productive study session.


One of the most important things is your environment - you need to have everything you need before you begin so that you're not leaving your desk every five minutes for that glass of water or that snack. For me, I need to have some water nearby, a healthy snack (or two in this case!), paper, pens and loads of post-it notes.

Comfortably Clothes!

Studying in your prom dress won't make you very productive at all so I always make sure I'm wearing something comfortable. Mostly, I'm either in pyjamas (yes, really! Even though it can make answering the door quite awkward!) or a jumper and sweats/leggings. I find that my study pose is sitting cross-legged so whatever I'm wearing has to allow for copious stretching!

Paper, paper and paper. And pens, pens and pens!

I go through so much paper and so many pens when it comes to studying. Technology doesn't have a look in as I prefer to write everything down by hand even though it does often take longer than if I typed it all.

A4 Posters

I mentioned these last time but this is my favourite technique for revision - write everything down on one side of A4 and stick with just that one side. This encourages you to write down only the necessities and helps you break the stuff down into a manageable amount. Basically, if it's not worth knowing, it won't be on that sheet of paper; at least, that's the principle behind why I do this.

To-Do Lists!

This cute to-do list pad from Katie Leamon is perfect and I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally dig them out for use (my excuse is that they are just too cute and I didn't want to waste them!). They definitely make tedious tasks bearable.

Practice Questions

Finally, find a practice question bank online! There are loads if you just search on Google and practice questions are great for teasing out those gaps in your knowledge that need filling in during your next study session. 

My sister made me this adorable Totoro earlier this year and he stays propped up on my desk, accompanying me every time I revise or study! He was just too cute not to share so I thought I would :)

Do you have any other tips you always stick by?


  1. Helpful post! I'm currently knee-deep in revision for A-levels, and a snack and bottle of water are always on my desk!
    Olivia xxx

  2. Reaaally helpful advice!! I kinda like having chocolate or something else to eat while writing my essays :D

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Chocolate is definitely the best snack so good choice ;) x

  3. Great advice! I always keep an A4 to-do list next to me, so if I get distracted thinking about how I need to do various life-admin or other study I just write it down and revisit it once I've achieved what I needed to that day.

    Obiter Darling

    1. Great idea. I do this with post-it notes so I can stick them on my desk :) x

  4. G'day! I just came across your blog and it's amazing! Thanks so much! :D