16 Jun 2015

five pretty things

In this materialistic world, a good design can make all the difference: the only proof we need is the Apple brand. Critics continuously praise the design of their products and also their usability. In this post, I thought I'd be a bit materialistic and show off five pretty things currently in my life.

1) Tinned Scented Candles

Muji candles are my new scented obsession (thanks to my sister). Though possibility not the most environmentally-friendly, they give off a scent even when not burning and I don't know of many candles that do this. They come at £3.50 and I like how they are in tins so that they can be transported easily. Elderflower is my personal favourite with its mellow and relaxing tones.

2) A plushie Totoro my sister made for me

Earlier this year, my sister made me a mini Totoro using some felt and thread. It sits on my desk, propped up against my computer monitor. My Neighbour Totoro is a film that really stuck in my mind for some reason but the same can be said for most of Studio Ghibli's films!

3) A fully-filled pen pot

Is there anything better than this?

4) Floaty Summer Skirts

Now that summer is kind of here, I can finally unleash my summer wardrobe again. This includes floaty skirts and a pair of Rayban Wayfarers.

5) Midori Brass Number Clips

I purchased these just before revision time and they were perfect for prioritising what I needed to revise. Another thing they could be used for is to mark the start of a new month in your planner (there are twelve of them... Coincidence? Probably not!).

Now that summer is here, I can appreciate the prettier things currently in my life. Pretty things don't always need to be expensive either - as shown by the Totoro plushie that my sister made me which is cute but also has sentimental value.