18 May 2016

my ten favourite pens in my collection at the start of 2016

Today, I thought I'd share my ten favourite pens in my collection at the beginning of the year. This is in no particular order and it's taken me almost six months to write this blog post (sorry!). I'll do an updated one at the end of the year so we can see what has changed :-)

Fountain Pens

Top to bottom: Lamy Safari Coral, TWSBI 580AL purple, Pilot Vanishing Point in Raden, Platinum 3776 Century Nice, Pilot Kakuno.
It's no surprise that fountain pens make up half of my top ten list. I use them on a daily basis now and I've grown to like how my handwriting looks when using them. All of the above fountain pens serve a purpose:

- Lamy Safari is my placement pen that goes around my lanyard
- TWSBI 580AL is my journal pen
- Pilot Vanishing Point, Platinum 3776 and Pilot Kakuno are all used for note-making.

Gel Pens, Highlighters, Biros and Brush Pens

Top to bottom: Muji gel pen, Zebra Mildliner, Pilot Juice gel pen, Bic biro and a Kuretake Zig Cocoiro.
These other pens also serve a different purpose each. They all make my top ten because of how well they write, their price point and also how invaluable they've been for me over the last few years.

Biros are great for writing on blood bottles when necessary (due to the shiny stickers) so a biro or two will always make my top ten for this reason. I've been raving about Muji gels since I started this blog so no introduction needed there. The others are used for note-making as a way to highlight and make my notes look a bit more colourful!

What pens would make your top ten?


  1. Hi Angela!

    Tough question, I love pens!
    But at the moment I'm less keen on biros so my top 5 would look like this:
    1: Waterman Expert Fountain pen (medium nib; with caran d'ache ink in idyllic blue)
    2:Lamy All star aluminium(medium nib; with caran d'ache ink in hypnotic turquoise)
    3: Pilot V-pens (disposable fountain pen) in basically any colour.
    4: Pilot Hi-Techpoint 0,7
    5: Pilot Choose 0,7

    I guess I'm a bit of a fountain pen - pilot pen fan :o)


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  3. 1. Pilot Coleto
    2. Pilot Kakuno
    3. Zebra Mildliner
    4. Staedtler Fineliner
    5. Pilot Frixion

  4. I am surprised that your Pelikan didn't make the cut. I would definitely agree with the TWSBI though-it is one of my favorite pens.

  5. My favorite pens:
    1) TWSBI Diamond 580 fine
    2) Pilot Prera fine
    3) Kaweco Sport fine
    4) Lamy Safari fine
    5) Lamy Safari extra fine
    6) Uni-ball signo 0.5

    My most expensive pen is a Visconti but it doesn't make the cut as the fine is much more like a medium and writes too thick for my liking.

  6. 1. Pilot Capless !
    2. TWSBI AL580 F
    3. Kaweco Sport AL stonewashed
    4. Pentel Energel Sterling
    5. Muji gel pen with clip .5

    Based on what I currently use the most. I'd like to change the M nib on my Kaweco Stonewashed for an F but otherwise it's perfect, always on my person. I recently discovered the Energel in a metal body - its very comfortable and incredibly smooth on paper! Great for quick notes at work.