19 May 2016

the 2016 lamy safari: dark lilac

When I heard that this year's Lamy Safari limited edition was to be a purple one, I knew it would be a pen I had to have. Deciding to order it from The Writing Desk, I added in three ink samples too and the service and communication from this company were just amazing. I get no commission for saying this - just very happy with the service I received!

Naturally, I ordered the pen with an extra fine nib and it actually writes a finer line than my other Lamy extra fine nib. However, ink flow isn't great but I remember that also being the case at first with my other EF so I'll give it time to smooth out before vetoing it completely! The colour of the barrel is just dreamy - it is a sophisticated, rich purple and the matte texture definitely makes it a more mature alternative to my Lamy Safari in neon coral! It also means that slippage is less likely to occur with prolonged use - ideal for long note-taking sessions!

Overall, I love this year's limited edition just as much as I love my neon coral one from 2014. I don't think this'll be a start of a limited edition Safari collection but I can definitely still see myself investing in more in the future if the right colours were released :)

To read more of my thoughts on the Lamy Safari, please see my original post on the neon coral back in 2014.

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