8 May 2016

my week #212

This week was an entertaining one - I met a consultant who had me in stitches of laughter though he didn't do much teaching. On Wednesday, a group of friends and I went to one of the many London escape rooms and we managed to escape in 48 minutes and 55 seconds without a single argument! Amazing how a group of good friends can work so well together as a team :) I'd definitely recommend doing one if you're into teamwork, puzzles and something different.

How has your week been?

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  1. Hey, I wanted to ask you a question - stationary related of course. I'm starting uni this year and I saw you use lever arch files for each module. The files you've been using, how have they held up?
    Also, because lever arch files are so big, I'm planning on carrying a ring binder around, just for temporary notes and then transfer them into the lever arch you know. So, if you've used ring binder files and have any suggestions, that would be much appreciated!
    Thanks in advance :)