30 Jun 2016

(almost) a year with my rifle paper co planner

I used to think bound planners were bulky and hard to customise but I've grown to like the fact that I can't move pages around. Ring planners used to be my go-to because of how easy it was to create a setup that worked for me and I can still see the appeal but I definitely don't miss the weight of them. The one thing about this planner is that it doesn't look bashed about at all! The cardboard cover is fairly thick but I didn't think it would hold up this well after about ten months of use.

My weekly pages have really changed throughout the years and it's now at the point where it is severely minimalistic. Admittedly, I don't miss the many stickers I used to decorate my pages with and instead, I'm content with just a handful. The weekly layout gives me plenty of space to plan my week and also incorporate a daily to-do list.

At the front, I have a few pages and I like to use them to write lists of things. One such list is of tea I want to try:

At the back, the pockets have been really handy. I have a collection of things in there from vouchers to receipts to little pieces of paper with university notes.

Overall, this planner has been well-used. All sections have been used and there isn't a wasted page. What you can't see are my other notes pages which hold a lot of information I may need when out and about, birthdays and other events are written down in the 'important dates' section, monthly pages are used to plan posts for this blog (I may share these later on in the year/early next year!) and at the back, the contacts pages are filled with addresses of friends and family.

I'm now using a different planner for the next academic year and you'll see its first week this Sunday. This Rifle planner has served me well but I need something less bulky to tote around in my bag :)


  1. Caught a glimpse of your new planner on instagram, can't wait for the formal introduction!!

  2. Hey! I've been reading your blog for years now, but I recently started my own so I can comment! Yeeeeee!
    Yes, I also thought that I would never move out of a ring binder, but I am now using a bullet journal setup. Can't wait to see your new planner!