16 Jun 2016

planning a presentation for university

Earlier in the year, I had to do a presentation on Hirschsprung's disease to some fellow medical students. Whenever I do a presentation, I like to do some research on the topic at hand first. This allows me to see what information must be included and what can be left out.

Once that bit is done, I can start planning the various sections needed to get all of the information across. Whenever I do a presentation on a condition, I like to try and make up a 'patient' and in this case, I made up a child called Harley (mainly because it also started with H, just like Hirschsprung's!). 

In my notebook, I like to have a brief overview of each section or slide as you can see below. I don't put all of the information on the screen because my pet hate are people who just read off the screen. This allows me to refer back to my paper notes and then talk about some extra bits or even ask the audience some questions. Interactive sessions are the ones where I learn the most so I try and incorporate this into any teaching I do.

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