21 Jun 2016

believe the hype: my first pilot prera in pink

Having raved about Pilot fountain pens in the past (most notably the Kakuno and Vanishing Point), the Prera was on next on my 'to try' list. None of the colours apart from the blue and the pink appealed to me and after a few weeks' of deliberation over colour (the struggle is real), I opted for the pink. And when it arrived, it was love at first sight. The one thing I noticed first was just how much it looked like the Sailor Lecoule fountain pen (I don't currently have one but it is a pen on my 'to try' list!). 

Compared to my Lamy Safari in coral, the Prera is more of a fuchsia pink whereas the coral is more orangey in hue. The Prera is also a shorter pen and using a crude measurement of one pen in each hand, I think they weigh about the same - so a pretty lightweight pen!

Predictably, I went for the fine nib and as mentioned in an earlier post, Japanese nibs do tend to be on the finer side when compared to their European counterparts. This suits me just fine as I'm a sucker for a super fine line.

The writing experience was a joy - I inked up a converter (not included with my pen) with Diamine blue-black and instantly put pen to paper. It is as smooth as butter - little to no feedback at all and the ink flow is just right. You can see a writing sample below.

In terms of grip, it is comfortable to hold for long periods of time (trust me on this - it's now about a month until exams so revision sessions have stepped up a gear!) and feels better when the cap is posted.

As said in the image above, the best thing really is the click heard when you cap the pen. Overall, I really do love this pen - it is a workhorse pen and for its price point, it is a good bridger of the gap between economy starter pens and more expensive ones. The best thing about it? It's basically the Kakuno nib but with a clip. I think that this pen will be one of my placement pens, along with my Lamy Safari, as they both lend themselves well to being slotted onto my lanyard.

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