23 Feb 2017

my Moleskine planner so far { seven months! }

It has now been seven months since I started using this Moleskine as my daily planner and it's still going strong. Most of the pages inside are used (often, planners come with pages that I never take a second glance at), the layout of the weekly pages are ideal and the size and weight of the planner is just perfect. I've had to add in a Leuchtturm 1917 pen loop (the blue bit poking out at the right hand side) but even so, I never thought I'd be raving about a Moleskine after a not so great experience back in 2011.

First, let's talk about the paper. The paper takes fountain pen really well (but only if you use a thin nib) and I now pretty much only use either my Pilot Kakuno or my Platinum 3776 as both have extremely fine nibs. The cream hue also adds a touch of luxury and the narrow rule of the pages that are lined are ideal for my small (and now cursive) handwriting.

The monthly pages have been good to see when regular things happen, such as direct debits, rent and also what placement I'm switching over onto and when.

The weekly pages are laid out ideally for me - the days on the left and a ruled page on the right. The ruled page is good for planning lunches, outfits and also to-dos that can be done on any day of that week. I love the copious space available for planning or just writing down silly little things. Though each day section looks tiny, it's actually enough space for me and it's rare for me to run out of space in them.

At the back are pages of important things including addresses, uni-related stuff and some other random notes.

Essentially, here, I have a planner which is well used and extremely functional for my needs. It is looking likely that this'll be the planner I will end the year with (this sounds like a relationship). The only debate now is do I go for another Moleskine for 2018 or do I opt for a Leuchtturm 1917 planner? I'm already a huge fan of Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks so I'm sure either way, I'll be very happy! And with at least six months until I make a solid decision, I still have time to write many a pro and con list.


  1. I think this will be my next planner! I'm using a little molang diary at the mo but I think I need that extra daily page for lists, reminders etc :) Zoe xoxo

  2. I use a the pocket version of the planner you have. I love it and this is my 4th year using them. I looked at the Leuchtturm equivalent planner, and simply couldn't stand the font!

  3. So pretty. Moleskine paper is still my favorite!

  4. I love my Moleskine notebooks and planners. Their paper is great too.
    I also love your new writing. It is neater and much more beautiful than the previous one. It also show more maturity.