28 Feb 2017

my study week #21: revision notes at a glance

With my first prescribing exam just around the corner, I've been trying to simplify everything as much as possible. One way I've done this is through the use of random A5 pages of notes - one for each drug.

The first one is of a fluid - glucose. As a junior doctor, fluid prescribing is a important skill so I've tried to include the salient points without overwhelming myself with other stuff that isn't as pertinent. The same went for sodium chloride and compound sodium lactate solutions. (The latter two not pictured.)

Other drugs I wanted to try and make totally clear in my mind were anti-depressants and anti-psychotics and you can see those in the pictures below. I wanted to fit all of the major ones on a single side of A5 and though the anti-depressants one looks a little cramped, it has all the essential info at a glance. This is pretty much how I revise and re-write notes. With each re-write, things get a little simpler and the paper has a bit more white space because some of the stuff will already be ingrained in my own knowledge. However, I wanted some of these to be as complete as possible as I may even start carrying them around if they prove useful enough!

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