15 Feb 2018

eighteen months with a moleskine planner: 2016 - 17 briefly reviewed

This is possibly the first time I've managed to stick with one planner until the end. This Le Petit Prince Moleskine is an 18-month planner, beginning July 2016 and I managed to see it until the very last day - 31st of December 2017. It has been well used as you can see from the ink stain on the fabric cover.

The double page spread for each week worked well for me. The note page allowed me to plan outfits and meals, as well as there being ample space for a to-do list that would last for the full seven days.

Surprisingly, the paper took most inks pretty well. My pen of choice for most of the time was a Pilot Kakuno in fine, inked with Diamine Blue-Black (I'm a little obsessed with this ink for some reason) and the paper actually didn't kick up too much of a fuss! The barest amount of show through and very little (if any) bleeding the majority of the time.

The note pages though are another story. There were only seven sides in total and these sides were quickly filled up. I had to resort to post-it notes in the end which wasn't ideal!

Overall, I enjoyed my eighteen months in this planner. The paper performed better than expected, the design and layout were adequate for my needs but the amount of note paper left a lot to be desired. Seven sides for eighteen months is extremely stingy considering how many pages are wasted on measurement conversions and things like that. For that reason, my Leuchtturm 1917 planner for this year should serve me well.


  1. Do you think you'll ever return to a ring planner? If not, what do you use your inserts for now?

    I'm currently in a Filofax and trying to stick it out, but my mind keeps wandering back to Moleskine weekly which I used in the past. I going back and forth, not able to stick to one system for any length of time... The flaw in the planner community, I think - the constant search for something 'better' or something 'else'... I guiltily think about the money I spent on a Filo and all the inserts!

    1. I'm not sure! I still have a few ring planners and inserts in my possession. I do have a Slimline Filofax which I use to hold household information. In terms of using one as a planner, I would like to but the portability and space afforded by a bound one makes a bound planner the more logical option.

      I know what you mean about looking for something better or something else - I did that a lot before deciding to persevere with the Moleskine you see in this blog post :)