21 Feb 2018

initial thoughts on the... otto hutt design 06 fountain pen in extra fine, pink with a rose gold trim

When people talk about fountain pens, they talk about the Lamys, the Parkers, the TWSBIs, Pilots and so on. Otto Hutt is a brand that is mentioned much less. Otto Hutt are a German brand known for their high quality fountain pens which also perform excellently.

Today, we have the Otto Hutt Design 06 Fountain Pen in pink. This design also comes in black and red.


The pen is a lovely pastel pink colour with a rose gold trim. There is a considerable weight to the pen with most of it in the barrel. Some pens, like my TWSBI 580AL Diamond becomes top heavy with the cap posted but not this Otto Hutt offering. With the cap posted, it's actually really well balanced and the weight isn't uncomfortable in the hand for long periods and actually, feels really nice in hand.


The nib is an extra fine which writes a finer line than a Lamy equivalent and is buttery smooth with no feedback or scratchiness. It has gold accents to it, adding some interest to one of the more important parts of a fountain pen. The one negative is that it writes a little dry and when I inked it up with Diamine Twilight (which looks amazing in my Pelikan M400), it just looked a little washed out.


As cliched as this is going to sound, this pen has style and substance. It is easy on the eye and also performs excellently. The weight of it is something I'm not used to but actually enjoy with this pen. Although the nib is on the drier side, there are no hard starts or skips, even when writing at speed.

It comes with an Otto Hutt converter and also a cartridge so you can use your own ink from the start which is always a bonus for those who own too many bottles of ink (definitely guilty of that here).

The screw cap unscrews with half a turn or so but the number of turns it takes to reveal the cartridge/converter is ridiculous (I counted 12 or so). This makes for an easy cap/uncapping experience, especially for those who write in short bursts rather than for longer periods. The cap posts easily and securely - good if you're prone to misplacing caps.


Otto Hutt is brand I would thoroughly recommend based on this experience and would make an ideal gift for someone who loves a classy pen which performs as well as it looks. The miniature booklet was a nice touch and it was interesting to read about who Otto Hutt was and the different pens the brand offers (bad if you are trying to avoid temptation).

**NOTE: I was sent this pen with compliments from Pen Heaven. All opinions are my own and the review has been written as if the product had been purchased by myself personally.

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