13 Feb 2018

new pen: TWSBI Eco Turquoise Limited Edition in an extra fine nib

This feels like a bit of a fitting post for Valentine's Day - this pen was pretty much love at first sight and write when it came in the post. Let me explain why.

The turquoise colour with the red contrast of the TWSBI logo is cheerful and the demonstrator design is an added incentive to fill it with a bright and vibrant ink. The turquoise colour is right up my street and I can find very little wrong with this pen. 

Also in possession of a TWSBI Diamond 580AL in purple (a re-visit is long over due - coming soon!), I must say that this Eco is my preferred TWSBI of the two. It is lighter, doesn't feel unbalanced with the cap posted and the nib is perfection. My preference is to have the cap posted because of my fear of losing the cap, so any pen where I can do this with ease is an automatic winner.

The nib is an extra fine and it writes a thin enough line to satisfy my nib-sizeist ways. It is way finer than the fine nib in my 580AL and writes smoothly with no feedback. To the point where I even questioned, 'can a nib be as perfect as this?!'

This pen is honestly one that can do no wrong in my eyes. The price is excellent for a piston filler, the nib is incredible, the ink capacity is ridiculous (ridiculously huge) and the build quality appears to be super high. I was on the fence for about six months before biting the bullet on Fountain Pen Day back in November and absolutely no regrets! My only issue now is the 2018 limited edition colour - is it going to be one that will tempt me to splash out?!

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