13 Oct 2015

introducing the platinum 3776 Century 'Nice' Fountain Pen in a fine nib

Earlier this month, I talked about luxury journaling with Pen Heaven and you might have seen a pen that I've never mentioned before. That pen is the Platinum 3776 Century Nice fountain pen in a fine nib and it is one beautiful pen. 

The pen comes in a lovely white presentation box, a blue ink cartridge and also a converter. There is also a little leaflet included about the inspiration behind the pen and its design.

When I opened the box and saw the pen, my first thought was 'wow' - it really is beautiful in an understated way. The frosted barrel and the rose gold complement each other wonderfully and though I get that this combination won't be to everyone's taste, it definitely appeals to me. 

What's this? A 14k rose gold nib with a heart-shaped breather hole? To me, this pen is quite a 'romantic' one and these features just back that up. In my opinion, the overall design is quite feminine and sophisticated.

The nib you see here is a fine one and I've included four images of notes I had taken using this pen. The ink you see is the Platinum ink cartridge supplied with the pen and I really like the blue-black colour, so much so that when my shopping ban ends in just over two weeks' time, it might just be my first purchase. (Though I'd already broken it when I bought some Diamine ink for my converter once this cartridge ran out.)

This pen is a pleasure to use - the weight of the pen is even when the cap is posted and the nib writes like a dream with no feedback in my experience. It writes ridiculously smoothly and the barrel feels good in my hands. 

Honestly, this and my Pilot Vanishing Point are my two favourite fountain pens in my modest collection and I've found myself reaching for one or the other in my recent note-making sessions. If you're after a pen that looks good but also writes very well, this may be an option for you. 

Here are other reviews of this fountain pen: Ed Jelley, tinysnail at Fountain Pen Network and Inkophile.

Note: Although I was provided this pen free of charge, I have tried my best to review it as if I had paid for it. Thank you, Lucie at Witt Herring for giving me the chance to work with Pen Heaven.


  1. OMG I NEEEEDDD THIS IN MY LIFE BUT WA. so expensive. I guess I know what I'll be wanting from my parents on my 20th birthday ;)

    1. Definitely something that would make a lovely birthday present :) x