17 Aug 2011

my free samples from avery!

So, I ordered these free samples from Avery and my goodness, I'm really quite impressed - both at the products and at the service (even though they were free!). Anyway, I ordered them five days ago if I remember correctly and they arrived in a plain white A4 envelope - a disguise which led to my confusion as I had no idea what it was! Upon opening it up, I was greeted with this:

The lady on the front certainly looks cheerful. I opened it up to find loads of sticky labels on five sheets of A4 but the best bit was finding the notetabs.

An inspection of the leaflet they included within the pack leads me to believe that my free sample was a bit lacking (in terms of quantity) as there is meant to be five different types of sticky tabs in my pack? Either way, I was still pleased with this offering. The colours of the tabs are bright and fit in well with my 'girly' nature and they look to be of good quality too.

The tabs appear quite thick as you can see in the next picture where I am showing the width of just one of these tabs:

And a closer look at the pink and blue colour of the tabs:

These tabs make me wish that my last year was coming up sooner - a bad thing as I'm meant to be loving the epic three month summer holiday instead! I will post an update once I've used one of these tabs but that may be a while as university doesn't resume until the first week of October!


  1. Pity it's UK or Ireland only. They won't send the sample pack to France.

  2. Hi,

    I lost track of your blog for a moment (probably when you changed the name?). So glad to have found you again (via the Philofaxy All Stars list) and to catch up. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your projects and seeing more of your art. My warmest and best wishes from NYC.

  3. @Steve - the European page for Avery shows promotions for several countries, including France

    there is no promotion at all in the states :(