15 Aug 2011

a year of money saving

To aid my two challenges - A Year As A Minimalist and Happiness Project (you'll find out why later in this post), I devised my own spreadsheet. It is based on the second one on here but I edited out the bits irrelevant to me and put in bits that were.

Making it look that bit more attractive will make me more likely to use it (I hope) and I have made one for each month for the next twelve months. This involves keeping all receipts and logging everything I spend money on. Each spreadsheet is for one calender month.

If you're interested in downloading this one to use, let me know and if there is enough demand, I'll upload it but if not, leave your email and I'll send you a copy!

Now, why does this tie in with my Happiness Challenge? Well, having money in the bank makes me happy. It means I'm prepared for any eventuality and also means I have a bit more disposable income. With this in mind, it means I can think about going on a weekend break somewhere, straight away, without having to save up for months for it beforehand! After all, spontaneity is something that I personally think that I should embrace.

On another note, I've signed up for the 'All Stars Tour' on Philofaxy. Take a look as there are other amazing blogs and bloggers taking part!

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