19 Aug 2011

a year as a minimalist / / part four

PART IV Essential 'Other' Spends

This category includes rent, bills and transport costs (amongst other things I may have missed out). For me, as I'm living in halls next year as a 'hall senior', I don't have to worry about bills and travel costs as it is only across the road from the campus (talk about convenient, eh) so technically, I can just roll out of bed and be in lectures within five minutes! However, I have to include travel for netball matches and other social events.

For this bit, identifying what outgoings you need to make can help you determine how much of your income (in my case, my student loan) these spends eat up. If you find that after all this, it only leaves you with a tenner for the month, it may be time to reconsider cutting back on rent (either by finding somewhere cheaper to live) or being a bit more frugal with water, gas and electricity. Last year, I had to pay for electricity and I found myself turning lights off when not in the room and turning electrics off when not in use. In one year, I only used just under £80 of electricity whereas, at home (where four of us live) we easily use over £500 in a year! 

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