1 Jul 2013

june review

happiness project

This month, the goal was to 'lighten up' and this included taking time for projects and making a house of happy memories. This was achieved through having people over for dinner and just generally sorting the house out - after all, a well-decorated house means a happy house, right?

Having been so busy, I've not had time to even think up a project to do. Ironic how the goal was to 'take time' for projects when I failed to even find some relaxation time. However, I have had a happy June so I think this Happiness Project is a success at this halfway stage.

essentials and highlights

Here is how my month looked:

And onto this month's essentials and highlights...

{  m i d o r i     p a p e r     d u c k     c l i p s  }

These are possibly the cutest paperclips ever :) My family and I have a thing for ducks in the sense that we find them very cute. You can see one in use in this 'my week' post. These paper index clips come in the colours of yellow, white and grey; and they are set within the cute case shown above.

{  m a n    o f     s t e e l  }

My obsession with Superman started when I was 15 and sat in a cinema watching Superman Returns. So when I heard about Man of Steel, I just knew that this was a film that I had to see and what better film to pop my IMAX 3D cherry than this one?

Seven years ago, I walked out of the cinema clutching my heart and earlier this month, I walked out of the BFI drunk on the handsomeness of Henry Cavill as Superman. His jaw and cheekbones are so chiselled, I wanted to reach out and try and stroke them (I was seeing the film in 3D!). Throughout the film, I was left wondering how any man could be so perfect.

Anyway, the film is pretty decent. I found the start a bit slow but once the action got underway (and there was a lot of action!), I really enjoyed it. And if you're a red-blooded female like me? I challenge you to not stare at Cavill's toned abs everytime they appear on the screen. I'm telling you: it's not possible.

{  f o o d  }

I'm a massive food lover so it's no surprise that the last item on this review is food-related.

A food highlight of mine, this June, was Tom Yum noodle soup. Although I usually prefer to have this on cold, wintery days, I felt like making my own. It's quick and easy - it only takes 15 minutes to rustle up and requires very few ingredients (rice noodles, fish sauce, lime juice, prawns, coriander, crab sticks and some form of veg, such as lettuce). I cheated and used readymade Tom Yum paste for the soup base.

With my June so busy, I'm planning a more relaxing July.

How was your June?


  1. I feel very silly because I didn't realise that Man of Steel was about Superman!! Now I know why so many people keep on talking about the "new Superman movie" :') The duck clips are adorable! x


    1. Haha! Yeah, they should have just named it Superman to make things easier. I was confused too when I first heard about Man of Steel - took a bit of time for it all to make sense after the film was announced! x

  2. WHOA! crazy bc i do a happiness project each month as well! So cool to see another blogger doing it:)