7 Jul 2013

my week #64

So before I begin this weekly post, I thought I'd let you know that I've been nominated for Best Filofax Photography over at Philofaxy. Although I don't actually use a Filofax, I would really appreciate it if you could please take a second to vote for me :)

If I win, I won't be claiming the prize (an Aqua Saffiano) and will instead ask Philofaxy to sell it, with the proceeds going to the Chimwemwe charity. If that's not a good reason to vote, I don't know what is (and that I put a lot of effort into my photos and editing them in order to make them look nice :) ).

Anyway, onto my week!

This week was messy again and is how I think they will look once medschool starts in September :) There is no structure to my pages but I like that - spontaneity isn't a bad thing. I've become quite obsessed with working out this month and the four-minute work out, along with squats, wall sits and the plank, have overtaken my life!

How has your week been? :)


  1. I really love to see "your week" as I'm such a nosy person. ha!

  2. Love this week's page decor! My week-to-view has been extremely cluttered, owing to SO much freelance work and social~* life obligations to note down. Sometime this summer I'll snap up some cute stickers and washi tape and attempt to salvage the aesthetics of mine! x

    1. Thanks Michelle :) For freelance work, I try and use a separate sheet or notebook for all of that - leaving my diary sheets uncluttered. However, it might not work for you depending on what type of freelance work you do :) x