19 Jul 2013

I just can't get enough: pantone notebooks

I fear I'm becoming a bit of a stuck record with my numerous posts about Pantone notebooks but I really do love them. Colour, fashion and functionality: all in one product - what more could you want? 

So, on a recent trip to my local TK Maxx, when I saw these Pantone notebooks, I couldn't help but run with them to the till. They are both A4 in size with one being ruled (black one) and one plain (green). 

I'm currently using the green one as my sketchbook and as a result, I can show some of the paper in the green notebook in action. The pens I primarily use in it are black fineliner and felt tips and here are pictures of how well the paper takes these pens:

Stabilo Cappi felt tips seem to be okay...

Until you turn over:

Fineliners also appear ok...

And are pretty much ok on the other side too. Also, felt tips are ok if you don't exert too much pressure it seems.

I really love the Pantone brand but these didn't blow me away. My favourite still has to be my Tangerine Tango (Colour of the Year) notebook :)


  1. Such a stylish notebook! ♥ Beautiful colours as well.

    1. I just love how minimalistic, but fashionable it is :) I wish I had found more in other colours but these were the last two :( x

  2. I really love how the Pantone notebooks look! I have yet to own one though :3

    1. Hehe they are really quite pretty! I want one in every colour :) x