28 Jul 2013

my week #67

The hot weather seems to have calmed down a bit into more bearable temperatures this weekend and I can that I am definitely grateful for this! My week has been full of life admin and London (not a bad thing to say the least).

I didn't get much time to re-cap some A-Level and degree level genetics and biochemistry but I can save that for another rainy day :)

A more subdued and plainer week than usual but I quite like all the blank space; especially when you compare to my week #25 from October 2012!


  1. Hi there! I love your pages! They are adorably cute! Where did you get those lil girl stickers?

    1. Hi, thanks! :) I don't see any girl stickers in this week's pages? x

  2. Where do you get the pink hearts from? :)