5 Aug 2014

hot cloth cleanser cleanse-off

Recently, I've gotten into the trend of hot cloth cleansing. This is by no means a new method and it is actually quite a popular trend - you'll see it featured on many beauty blogs. Having managed to blag a free sample of Liz Earle's infamous Cleanse and Polish, I thought I'd give it a go. The reason why I am blogging about hot cloth cleansing is because Liz Earle's offering didn't give me the positive results that most blogs out there say they've experienced. I've also purchased Ren's version and so I thought I'd also compare these two while I'm at it.

The first difference between the two is the cloth used - Liz Earle's comes with a muslin cloth whereas Ren's version comes with a cotton flannel. Personally, having used a flannel to clean my face with all my life, this method was by no means a new thing to me. I prefer to use a cotton flannel as it felt softer on my skin but the muslin cloths did feel more exfoliating and rougher in nature so I use it once a week for a deeper cleanse.

The infamous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - a staple in many bathrooms across the country and world. 
Let's begin with Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Countless of people have said that it has brightened up their skin, cleared up their acne or just generally done a world of good to their skin. I used this for a week and during this time, my skin did look clearer and smoother... At least, half of my face did. The right hand side of my face was perfect and clear but the left hand side... Well, on day two, I felt two lumps come up on my right forehead. Because I had exams at the time, I thought it was purely due to stress but then another lump appeared on the bridge of my nose on day four. And another bump on my left cheek on day five. This was too much of a coincidence.

These bumps weren't normal spots - they were cystic in nature and they hurt. The slightest pressure caused an extraordinary amount of pain. Usually, during stressful times, I'll get one or two spots but nothing cystic in nature. As soon as I ceased using this cleanser and reverted back to my previous one, my skin cleared up and no more cystic bumps appeared.

This cleanser did a good job of getting rid of all the built up dirt as when I toned afterwards, I checked the cotton wool pad and there was little/no dirt.

Apart from that, I found the smell ok (I know others have commented on not being a fan of the smell), the consistency was decent and one pump worked on my whole face. I used the cleanser once daily before bed and like I said before, it did make half of my face look brighter and clearer. The price is on the higher end for a cleanser so I do recommend trying to get hold of a free sample before committing to a purchase. I was offered my sample through an email direct from Liz Earle (I was previously signed up to their newsletter).

Ren Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser - each pump bottle comes with a new cotton flannel.
So now, onto the Ren Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser. I much preferred the smell of this cleanser - there is something herbal about the Liz Earle one but this one smells more feminine and just sweeter. Again, one pump is enough for the whole face and I prefer to use a cotton flannel as it holds the heat of warm water better and just feels kinder on my face. Cost-wise, it is slightly better value than Liz Earle's offering (£16 for 150ml, each bottle comes with a cotton flannel).

Now, what effect did Ren's offering have on my skin? Again, I used it once in the evening for a week before passing judgement and I found that it was just as effective as Liz Earle's version in removing dirt and dead skin. It made my skin look brighter and no cystic spots developed - hurrah! I also like how with Ren's hot cloth cleanser, they recommend putting a warm cloth over your face for a minute or so to open your pores. This made it feel like I was pampering myself every evening before bed and overall, I have no bad words to say about this cleanser.

My verdict? Ren's version has won me over. They were both effective in cleansing my skin but the fact that Ren's didn't cause me to breakout wins; plus, the price is every so slightly in its favour too. Having had blemish-prone skin since I was 16, I'm prepared to pay a bit more for skincare that works and in this case, Ren's Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser really works for me.

It's important to note that with skincare, one thing that might work for you might not work for someone else. I think the perfect example is Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish which gave me huge, red, terrifying bumps on my face whereas many others have sung its praises.

Have you tried hot cloth cleansing? If so, what's your verdict? If not, are you tempted to try?


  1. May i recommend Champneys cleansing balm as one to try, it comes with a muslin cloth, but is lemon scented, comes in a pot (as its a balm) and makes your skin feel incredibly moisturised and smooth!

    1. Just had a google about this one - it's recommended more for normal to dry skin? I have combination/blemish-prone skin so I don't think it would suit my skin type unfortunately :( thanks for the recommendation though :) x

  2. Have you tried Superdrugs offer? I've heard it's good! I liked Liz Earle but I'm Oil Cleansing now. :)
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

    1. I've also heard good things about Superdrug's version but Ren is just so good that I don't really want to deviate from it at the moment. I've been looking at oil cleansing but I don't get how it doesn't clog pores, etc? x