26 Aug 2014

starting university or college this autumn?

Starting university is an exciting, but also nerve-wracking, time for most people. I remember when I was 18 and armed with an unconditional place at university after results day - my first feeling was excitement but then as the beginning of October drew nearer and nearer, as did the nerves and uncertainty of what this new stage in my life would bring.

Having been a student for pretty much all of my adult life, I thought I'd re-visit some of the university-related posts I have done in the past.

There is a 'Preparing for University' series that I wrote last year and these comprise of three posts:

1) Preparing for University: Finances, Forms and Accommodation
2) Preparing for University: Diary, Textbooks and Stationery
3) Preparing for University: Timetabling

I have also written a few blog posts about university in general too:

Lectures and Lecture Notes
University and Money Saving
University and Money Saving Part II
University and Effective Revision
Revision Timetabling (#1)
Revision and Exams (#2)

And there is also a blog post about balancing your work and social life.

And what if you're interested in using a Filofax at university?

Finally, some more personal posts than advice ones (if you're interested!):

Preparing for Exams (term two)
How I've Kept My University Notebooks
Term Two Lecture Notes
My Desk During A Study Period
Revising My Lecture Notes
My Binder And University
All Ready For A New Course and University

Any questions or requests for university/college-related blog posts? Let me know :)


  1. Thanks! It's very helpful.^^

  2. This post is a godsend! It will be very useful for next year when I'll hopefully start uni :)

  3. I always love your university posts - this is a good resource aha!

  4. Hi, could you post something about your handwriting? Like advise or something similar because I'm always having trouble with handwriting and your handwriting is so neat!