21 Aug 2014

my favourite additions this summer

This summer, I added a few new items to various parts of my life and I thought I'd share my favourite ones with you all. Let's start with stationery!

I came across these Midori metal duck paperclips on ASOS while browsing their website one day and with my 10% student discount, it would've been rude not to add them to my vast collection of stationery. They complement the paper index clips I purchased last year and ducks are my favourite animals so that made it equally hard to resist buying these.

Next up, my wardrobe. I added these Swedish Hasbeens to my shoe collection and I justified this purchase because I don't have many pairs of summer shoes. They are flatforms which are perfect as they don't add too much height (I'm not exactly short...) and are so comfortable and easy to walk in. They go with everything - jeans, dresses, floaty summer skirts - and so are perfect.

Adding a bit of luxury to my beauty routine through this Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser. I love how soft it leaves my skin and the hot cloth step makes me feel like I'm experiencing a luxury treatment rather than just cleansing my skin once daily.

Finally, another addition are these pretty Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks. I love the colours and just how cute they look on my bookshelf. I cannot wait to get stuck into them next academic year!

So, these are my favourite additions this summer - it's so nice having had a few weeks off but I go back to uni in a few days. Hard to believe that these items were bought back at the end of May or end of June... Where does the time go?

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  1. Those duck paper clips are absolutely adorable!! And those shoes are so pretty!! Though I'm more of a winter shoes lover. I bought a new bag for my next year in med school, and I'm fairly sure I'm going to post about it during this weekend, it's so nice to start the new academic year with new lovely things, it feels like a fresh start!!
    I start my second year at med school just in a few days, and everything I can think of is the same thing you stated at the end of your post: where does time flies to???
    Hope you have a nice week