19 Aug 2014

introducing: nina and other little things

My main gripe with UK stationery is that the range isn't as extensive as what can be found in Hong Kong. Over the Christmas holidays, I was spoilt for choice with at least one little family-run stationery boutique in pretty much every street with all items priced extremely cheaply too - notebooks were less than £1!

Anyway, when I was introduced to Nina and Other Little Things, my first initial thought was just how cute and beautiful the illustrations are. When the package arrived, the packaging didn't disappoint - the illustrated address sticker and the cute red dot pattern complement the equally beautiful products inside which held a notebook, three postcards and a postcard-sized poster.

Each and every item is illustrated beautifully with, for example, one of the postcards showing Nina sat on top of a pile of books. There is a line of text that accompanies the illustration above it and the other side is just as beautiful too.

The notebook came with a postcard sized leaflet that adds a story to the character behind the brand - a neat little touch. The notebook has a hand-stitched detail in the form of Nina on a swing and the notebook is hand-stitched together too.

The first page is just as beautiful as the outside:

All too often, I've found that beautiful notebooks are let down by the poor paper quality but I'm happy to report that on this occasion, this is not true. The paper is thick enough and exhibits no show through with the majority of pens (with permanent markers being the exception) and unless you are using a particularly wet nib, there is no bleeding either.

Earlier, I mentioned that the package included a postcard-sized poster that is made of thick cardboard (about 0.5cm in thickness!) and is designed to be hung up. I thought the quote lent itself quite nicely to a place on my bedside table so I've placed it against my lamp.

Personally, I think all of the products are fantastic. The quality of them back up the amazingly beautiful illustrations and would make brilliant gifts.

Thank you, Eloise, for sending me these samples - I think Nina and Other Little Things may well be my new favourite character and brand at the moment!

NB: Although I received these products as review samples, I have reviewed them just as I would have if I had paid for them.