28 Aug 2014

the organisation of my expedit bookshelf - help!

I've had this Expedit for over a year now and I'm never 100% happy with how it is organised. Although it is a bookshelf, the number of actual books is quite low (most of our books are on a bookshelf downstairs) so I have filled my Expedit with university notes, notebooks and other little bits and bobs. 

Starting from the bottom left and going anti-clockwise, at the bottom are boxes of university notes and toiletries (toiletries in the blue fabric boxes and notes in the pink ones). Then there are more folders with other notes, such as bank statements and other important documents that need to be kept for future reference. I also have a box of pen refills (in an old Valentino perfume set box) and some Chinese books, Lucozade (for those study periods where I feel too tired to work) and old diary inserts.

On the other side, there are loads of blank notebooks and then some medical handbooks. The Cath Kidston box on the right hand side holds my school certificates and various other certificates of achievement.

Moving up to the next two shelves, there are more notebooks and stationery. The teddy in the Skubb box is actually a microwavable heat pack - a gift from my sister a few years ago for my birthday.

And then moving left, there are more files and folders and A4 notebooks (writing this blog post has made me realise just how many notebooks I have). There is an empty shelf and I intend to use this as an in-tray for things that need sorting at the weekend when I have time.

At the top, behind the Rilakkuma cushion lies the Martha Stewart x Staples x Avery drawer. In it holds paperclips and other random bits of stationery and things that I couldn't find a place for - I will sort it eventually!

To the right of that shelf is a medicines and first aid box and another shoebox that holds washi tape, cards and receipts.

And finally, the other two shelves hold more notebooks, pens, make up and other random bits. Then there is a Kiiroitori cushion which is hiding a Rilakkuma 'bin' that holds plastic bags.

I'm not overly happy with how things are organised but I know where everything is and I know that if I were to re-organise it, I wouldn't know where to find anything.

Any suggestions? Things are all over the place at the moment!


  1. I've never been a fan of the Expedite for this very reason, I can't think of anything to suggest! I hope you find a way to organise that you like.
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

  2. Maybe things like these could help you?

    http://www.ikea.com/es/es/catalog/categories/series/27571/ (I specially like this series, I have some of these products and they're really useful)


    If you don't like the colours of the products of the first link you can always decorate them with pretty gift paper or something, or with another plain colour you like best. This is what I have to keep all my notes, I'm studying medicine as well and you can end up with so many papers! I think these could help you have everything organised, and you can always know where everything is by labelling or gluing photos of what's inside in the spines!!

    1. I've bought some boxes that fit into my Expedit and am hoping that I can find a solution that uses them XD Haven't had time to try and re-organise it though!

      Thanks for your suggestions :) x

  3. I'm actually going to put up a post soon about a big closet that I reorganized. Although it has ample shelving, there is so division between things. So I created zones for like items. So one area is for gift wrapping, another is for bags, travel, office supplies, knitting supplies, etc. So you could do something like that, where one (or two) cubby is for notebooks and other office-type things, one for makeup and facial supplies, etc. The biggest problem I had with my closet before was that I was a huge mishmash, and although I knew where everything was, there was no rhyme or reason as to how things were stored so it didn't make any sense to me.

    Just a thought -- good luck!