28 Oct 2014

a peek at my revision notebook #1: Leuchtturm 1917

Earlier this year, I purchased a few Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks and decided that they would be used for compiling revision notes in preparation for my end of year exams. In this blog post, I will show off the first of the four that is currently in use. 

How I structure the notebook depends entirely on how my year's learning objectives are laid out - so in the case of my medschool, it is laid out condition by condition. This just makes it easier for me to create 'sections' in my notebook so that things are easier to find when that occasion arises. 

I've chosen the turquoise one to be my first one but, trust me when I say this, choosing which one to break open first was a hard decision. 

I try and keep things as neat as possible as these will be revision notes. A lot of abbreviations are used and I try to write in note-form with an excessive use of bullet points. As this notebook is purely for my own personal use, I don't see a problem with this as it's not necessary to make it 'readable' to anyone else.

The quality of the paper is pretty impressive - I used Pentel Energels, Muji gels and Pilot Juice gel pens and there was no bleeding and hardly any show through! The only show through I could find is in the example below and this was with the old Muji gels - I found that the newer Muji gels didn't show through at all (the pink ink in a number of images above is the newer Muji gel ink). In time, I will sift through the notes and use my Zebra Mildliners to highlight things that I'm finding it harder to retain.

Overall, Leuchtturm has got it right with pretty much everything in this notebook. The paper is thin, yet can hold ink pretty well - so much so that show through isn't an issue; and there is no bleeding with gel inks. The narrow rule is a personal favourite of mine, the hard, but not rock solid, cover is another plus point and I love how thick the notebook is. Honestly, I think Leuchtturm 1917 may be my new favourite notebook brand!


  1. Your notes... I looooooooooooooveeeee it!!

  2. Gosh. I wish you were on Youtube so you can explain how you organize your study notes. My science notebook is a hot mess. Do you know if this paper takes fountain pens?

  3. Hi Angela,

    I am a first year medic and I was just wondering when exactly in the academic year that such notes could be compiled. For example, in the run-up to mock exams, over a holiday, straight after lectures??? I just feel that if I made such notes now (my course started 5 weeks ago), they wouldn't be very concise as I wouldn't be sure where the emphasis lies yet. Can you offer any advice on this ?

    Thanks x

  4. Do you listen to music when you make notes or read textbooks? Lately I've tried "study concentration music" off Youtube found when doing assignment is can help if im in a noisy library.

  5. Your handwriting is amazing! I have no idea what your notes are about but I want to read them just because your writing is so cute :)

  6. Your notes are so neat and succinct! I really like them. Also like how the blue matches the turquoise cover. :)

  7. i loooooooooooove your notes m gosh.
    can you create a youtube account so you will explain to us how you are making your notes(cuz we all want to know, and it would be a pleasure).

    thank you

  8. I feel like placing a baby-pink label on the front, complementing the turquoise - and putting it in a museum as a standard textbook for the topic, for generations of later med students!:o