4 Oct 2015

my week #181

Quite a plain week as I've been running myself ragged after staying at home ill on Monday! I'm not 100% yet but I've just got on with things as I won't let my apparent lack of immune system be a barrier to my studies.

October is also World Mental Health month (with October 10th being World Mental Health Day) and as I'm on psychiatry placement, I thought it would be fitting to say a few sentences about it. Increasing awareness of mental illness isn't a bad thing by any means - we all react differently to something as trivial as a film or a book so there's no reason to suspect that the same can occur with life events. And there's nothing wrong with that - we are all wired differently! We must all be more accepting of this. We strive for equality in things like race, gender and sexuality so there's no reason why we can't ask the same for mental illness - for it to be seen in the same and non-judgemental way as physical illness.

Quite fittingly, I blogged about journaling earlier this week and for me, journaling is a way I keep my mental health in check. This week, I wrote extensive entries twice after two harrowing days and without doing all that, I'm not sure I would've slept as well as I did.

How has your week been?