1 Oct 2015

luxury journalling with pen heaven

Journaling is something I've done since I was in my early teens but how I've done it has changed considerably over the years.

Over the years, I've changed a lot as a person and sometimes, it's nice to read old journals to see just how much (or little!) I've matured and how my priorities have altered after significant life events. I'm at the point now where I see journaling as something I actually set time aside for rather than do when there are a spare fifteen minutes.

In the past, I'd opt for a simple and plain journal but now that I take it a bit more seriously, I do try and add a bit of luxury to my (at least) weekly sessions. When Pen Heaven got in touch and asked if I'd be interested in writing about journaling, who was I to say no? They kindly embossed the Amalfi Large Leather Journal with my initials for me and you'll see it pictured below with a Platinum Century 3776 Nice fountain pen (more on that in another blog post!). When they arrived, they were beautifully gift-wrapped - how perfect would this be as a Christmas or birthday present for someone who has a soft spot for stationery?

The journal cover is a smooth, but not overly shiny, leather with the lining a soft suede. Inside, the paper is thick and plain and appears to take fountain pen very well (see below) though it isn't as smooth as Rhodia paper, for example. That said, the cream hue of the paper gives off a sophisticated air and I definitely feel very grown up when writing in it. The lovely leather tie can be manipulated into a bow if you so wish too.

I thought that I'd write more about journaling in the journal itself and you can read my, handwritten, thoughts on it all in the photo above. Writing down the things that take up precious real estate in my brain have been invaluable during my time at medical school so far - sometimes, I'll come home from a long day on placement and feel quite overwhelmed by something that had happened or something I had seen. Getting it all out on paper helps me relieve that burden without having to talk someone else's ear off or inadvertently cause them to also feel that emotional burden.

Even at this early stage in my career, I know that psychiatry isn't something I'd be interested in but I am a strong advocate for looking after your own mental health. For me, one way to do this is to journal on a regular basis and I'm sure this luxurious Amalfi journal will play host to many more emotional thoughts in the foreseeable future. 

Note: Thank you to Lucie from Witt Herring for supplying these samples for this blog post. Although I was sent these items free of charge, I have talked about them in the same way I would if I had paid for them.


  1. Hi, Angela, I love your blog!

    I read every post, and feel so calm after doing it. You are such a nice person! Thank you for taking the time to write and take such beautiful photos.

    Greetings from Brazil =)

  2. Such a lovely journal! The color is fantastic and it looks like a dream to write in!
    I agree, journaling is great to just get everything OUT somewhere. Process thoughts without having the pressure of dealing with other people!

    1. Hi Jessica, I agree - the colour is beautiful and the paper takes fountain pen well (yay!).
      Agree with everything you've said about journaling - it can also mean we write down dark thoughts that we feel unable to tell anyone (everyone has these I'm sure) :) x

  3. This is such a beautiful journal, that blue is absolutely luxurious!

    I'm not in medical school, but school has been very busy and stressful lately (I am finishing up my bachelor's degree in the US), and journaling has been absolutely essential in my self-care routine and trying to stay on top of everything. :) Thank you for sharing your own thoughts on journaling!

    1. Hi Zoe, glad to hear journaling is doing wonders for you :) x