18 Oct 2016

a recipe a week for a year: a 2017 recipe diary

Meal planning is a headache even for the most organised of us at the best of times so what if this could be taken out of our hands once a week? This is where this recipe diary could come in handy.

As you can see, it has a hard cover which is durable. There is a pocket on the first page where you can store loose bits and pieces. There is also a year planner with three months per page.

There are a bunch of handy pages in this diary including: a section for contacts, cooking hints and tips and washing instructions too. I think this kind of thing could be good for students going off to university for the first time or for people who just need a little guidance with these things (I definitely do - I'm forever googling what the symbols on care labels mean!).

The layout is a week-to-view and there is a recipe each week.

Finally, at the back, there is a section for any 2018 plans you may have, home budgeting, birthdays and anniversaries, and usefully, a recipe index in case you tried out a really cool recipe but couldn't remember which week it was during. The diary also has a lovely green ribbon which complements the orange design well.

The paper has a sheen to it which means fountain pens, rollerballs and even gel pens wouldn't be too well suited to it. Biros and pencils would be better as they would dry quicker and reduce the risk of ink transfer to the opposing page if you closed the diary too quickly.

Thank you to Emily at Eaglemoss Limited for sending me this diary to review :)

All views are my own and this review has been written as though I paid for the diary.


  1. This is a super cool diary. Thanks for sharing, I think it could make a great gift.


  2. This is such a great idea for a diary! Especially for those who love to cook!