4 Oct 2016

my study life on IG

Back in August, I blogged about a study challenge I wanted to do on Instagram and here are the results! I actually started my final year on a project block so I didn't actually get that much study in if I'm honest! It was mainly revision in preparation for my surgery assistantship placement I'm on currently. My instagram is paperl0vestory if you want to see more! :)


If you took part, thank you! :) It was lovely seeing what you shared through the hashtag #pls30daysofstudy :) Hope you enjoyed it and managed to get some study out of it too! 

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  1. Hi Angela! I missed a few days here and there but I did the challenge! I kept the pictures on my private journal (I use Journey, an app). :)

    It was fun!

    thanks for the prompts!