20 Oct 2016

documenting my summer stockholm trip

As most of will know, or at least will have probably guessed by now, I love keeping track of things and also writing things down. When I went to Stockholm this summer, I wanted to make sure I didn't forget what I did/saw/ate each day and that's where my obsession with pen and paper came in handy. I used an A6 Moleskine in pink because of the pocket at the back (ideal for receipts, tickets and all those little pieces of paper that would be great in a travel journal...!).

The pen used is a Kuretake Cocoiro brush tip in black.

Each day, I would write down the things I saw in bullet points. I even noted down how many steps I did and the distance walked (according to my iPhone's health app). If something funny happened, I would also note that down briefly.

I kept all receipts so that I could document how much I spent in Stockholm. This is important me on two levels - it helped me stay within budget and also check my credit card when I came home, just to make sure nothing unexpected appeared on my monthly statement.

This'll all come in handy when I finally make my travel journal from Stockholm. I got some photos printed and all I need to do now is to stick them in and write a blurb about each of them. That'll be a job during the Christmas holidays I'm sure, depending on how much free time I have! A post on that to follow at some point in the near future :)


  1. I love the idea of keeping a daily record of what you did on holiday :) Looks like you had a great time xo


  2. I just came back from Stockholm yesterday and did something very similar in my travel journal while I was there. I loved the city!