27 Oct 2016

my study week #17: revising revision notes

As a student, we all try and make revision notes that see plenty of use right before exams. However, I like to also revise these revision notes by making more focussed and condensed ones. I'm not quite sure how I do this (but once I figure it out, I'll share the process) but as a result, I have a few notebooks full of really random notes! I'm not sure how handy this all is for me but it seems to work. I'm quite an active student - reading alone does nothing for me - so making notes, rough or otherwise, seems to work well in aiding information retention.

During this note making process, I also use post-it notes and in fact, go through loads of them! They are handy for condensing little chunks of information, of which there are many in medicine.

What revision techniques work for you?

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