22 Sept 2010

The Amazona... As Never Seen Before

The Amazona. A continental delight who takes great pride in her appearance. She is tanned and has perfectly manicured nails and also an immaculate pedicure.

She would have dark hair and dark eyes and with a name like 'Amazona', she would be of South American origin.

In essence, this is who she would be if she were to be real:

Next week, it's the turn of the Finsbury, which will be the last one for a while. With my second year of uni about to commence, I want to commit fully this year and not mess about as much as I did last year. However, there will still be occassional personifications and I will still be an active blogger and commenter on various Filofax blogs; just not as often as I have been in the summer, I guess!

1 comment

  1. oh no
    I will miss you :-)
    I just got a pink finsbury so looking forward to your post.
    good luck with 2nd year!