8 Sept 2010

Life As An Adelphi

The Adelphi comes in two forms - the usual and also the slimline. I'll refrain from using the Slimline for the purposes of this post because I may become bitter about it's 'eat as much as I want but won't gain weight' nature.

Having googled Adelphi to see the origin of it's name; I saw that there was an Adelphi University in Long Island, New York. Now, I have no idea how good it is but I'm under the impression that you have to be well, almost swimming in cashfilled pools. Correct me if I am wrong here! My view of America is pretty warped after researching doing my undergraduate degree there and finding that it was completely unaffordable! (Cue sad but bitter face.)

To me, the Adelphi is a young female in her twenties, maybe early to mid. She has flown the nest and is maybe embarking on a life changing experience - maybe university/college or her first job. She's of the laid back nature and dresses more on the feminine, than the tomboy, side of fashion. She'd have long, straight hair and would be immaculately groomed.

Maybe Emma Watson before she chopped all her lovely hair off??


  1. Oh, I see it! A young woman with a bit of urban-edge to her style?

    American unis: the privates are expensive, regardless of how well they perform academically! (On the one hand you're paying for the great education/reputation; on the other hand, you're paying to go to college when otherwise you might not, or you might suffer the {ahem!} stigma of going to a community/city/state college.) This is why most college graduates in the US stagger into adulthood under a ridiculous amt of debt. Most people aren't swimming in money thus agree to take on (sometimes massive) loans, under the assumption that this is the only way to earn a decent salary later.

    Also, many US citizens qualify for some financial aid and scholarships; as an int'l student, you/your parents would've paid the whole bill.

    Isn't it crazy?

  2. I love love this post on the Adelphi (I am a fan of Emma Watson as well) so it is nice to feel that I am carrying around such style with me. Oh and so glad you posted a pic of the damson colour (as that is the one I have). Young, fashionable, girly chic :-)

  3. m.ng - I am very interested in doing post grad in the US... maybe even medicine after I finish my undergrad degree in the UK but the thought of paying the tuition fees scare me (to me, university in the US is similar to burning money?!) so your comment was very insightful!

    And yes, the Adelphi is summed up in your first sentence! That's exactly how I see her!!

    Kyla - I, too, am a fan of Emma Watson and funnily enough, I imagined her as the Adelphi so just had to slip her into this post! And the Adelphi is in fact, young and fashionable AND chic! If only they did it in a wider range of colours :( though, I do like the scarlet colour...

  4. please see my new blog including my adelphi post. thanks for the inspiration although I am using a different name:-)

  5. Adelphi to me is the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool... which is where I hark back many moons ago...


  6. FYI, "adelphi" is a greek word that means "sister".