15 Sept 2010

The Domino's Elastic Waistband

So today, I actually move into my private accomodation for my second year at uni, hence this scheduled post. In the UK, we are only guaranteed accomodation in the first year of our degree - something which I hate and wish they would change to be more in line with universities (or colleges) in the US where accomodation is guaranteed for the duration of the degree. I actually quite like the Greek sorority stuff even though I don't fully understand it - but either way, uni in the US sounds so much cooler than in the UK!

So, this week, it's the Domino's turn. The Domino is a simple filo, but by no means boring. In fact, I'm quite tempted to buy an A5 Domino for use as a diary or journal, but will have to hold this thought: until the 1st of August 2011 at the earliest...

Now, the Domino comes in a wide range of colours - an indication that it is of a laid back character and that it does not take itself seriously. This is further emphasised by the piece of elastic keeping it together - a sign that it may also be a bit of a couch potato with a tendancy to snack, thus the elastic waistband. This allows for his/her belly to grow in size but without the necessity of buying new jeans/bottoms/trousers (delete as appropriate). In essence, we can say the Domino would be a bit of a lazy character. His character of a couch potato is further re-inforced when we consider that other Filofaxes fasten with a clasp whereas the Domino is just a piece of elastic. This design means that no exertion is required to open and close it!
(Remember, this is all for one - I'm merely describing the Filofax, not the Filofax owner!)


  1. By your "private accommodation", are you talking about university provided housing?

  2. love it :-)
    getting a personal domino for my twin sister in red.
    hope you settle in ok into your new place. hopefully you wont have to find another room next year. I still miss uni days........

  3. Ahhh been without internet for the past two days and it was hell (well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration).

    Leslie - by private accomodation, I mean housing that is not provided by the university itself but by a private landlord. Was such a headache finding a place for this year but nonetheless, I've found one and moved in :) Back home for the time being though.

    Caribbean Princess - So jealous of your sister getting a domino! Wish someone would buy me a filofax instead of having to fork out for them myself ;) Yeah, hoping next year isn't as stressful in terms of finding somewhere to live! Uni is great, but I'm sure you had at least five years, or six?! Wish my course was longer than the three years :p

  4. You can do grad entry medicine! Will add another 4 years.

  5. I would love to do grad entry medicine...funds permitting of course! Will see how my current degree goes... but my love for medicine will always be here so it's looking fairly likely right now :)

    Another four years at uni...making seven years in total + training and those foundation years, ahhh, that's an awful lot of years!