1 Sept 2010

Beneath The Surface Of The Eton

Now, the Eton is a no nonsense filo which comes in the standard black colour which immaediately screams to me, MASCULINITY. Or an attempt to show it off anyway. (Apologies if you are of the XX kind and have an Eton, this is by no means an attempt by me to try and say you are masculine for I am only personifying the filo, not the owner!). The name 'Eton' is also a bit masculine. I'm sure most of you know that Eton is a boys private (or is it public? The labels we give schools in the UK has always confused me.) school and is the epitome (or so they like to think) of posh, the well mannered and discipline. I'm not entirely sure that past sentence made sense, but then again, not much in the world makes sense!

So, back to the Eton. To me, if he were to be a person, he would be a guy who was well groomed and in an expensive business suit. The suit may or may not be pinstriped but it would always be immaculate with little or no creases to it. He would wear patent black lace up brogues (or brown if he is feeling brave).

In fact, his suit may well be from Saville Row tailors...?

Anyway, this business man would carry a briefcase or an A4 filo around with him. Black of course, and leather, which goes without saying. He carries a Blackberry and has an air of self-importance. His wife may or may not be the Deco (as personified before) but as she's quite high maintenance, he has to earn a high salary - which he does in the city's banks. People either loathe him or want to be him and he likes to come across as 'just a friendly chap'.

Somehow, what I've described sounds a lot like our UK's PM - David Cameron? Not sure I would deccribe his wife as the Deco though - she's always seemed a bit more down to earth than that, in my opinion. Hmmm....

NEXT WEEK: The Life As An Adelphi


  1. I'm right now envisioning an Eton, clasp in clasp, walking down the street with a Deco.