13 Sept 2010

freshers' fair!

I'm heading back to London on Wednesday for a few days to get settled into my new accomodation for the next academic year and boy, am I excited! And part of the excitement is for the chance to use my Filofax properly again (after giving it somewhat of a rest this summer) and also for the stationery opportunities. Let me explain the latter.

At my university, there are various fairs throughout the year: freshers' fair (not entirely sure that the apostrophe is in the right place), careers' fair, housing fair, science and technology fair, engineering fair, etc. Sometimes, the fairs are restricted to people doing certain subjects (such as the engineering fair) but more often than not, anyone can enter provided they hold an Imperial College London ID card.

Last year, I went to near enough every fair, and it was serious freebie heaven. I managed to bag enough pens, highlighters, sticky note pads, page leaflet stickets - I don't know its official name... I got so many freebies, I didn't need to buy a single pen, nor did I ever run out of mugs and glasses.

From freshers' fair alone, I came away with chocolates, boiled sweets, numerous pens (varying in quality in that some were amazing rollerballs, some were gel, but most were biro), two lots of page leaflet stickets, four mugs, one glass tumbler, two lots of sticky notes and not the mention the free bags. Obviously, I felt obliged to leave my college email address to the various societies I took things from, but that wasn't much of a problem as a lot of them didn't email me anyway!

Next was careers' fair. I went round this with a friend who, seriously, has no shame when it comes to lifting freebies - a good trait to have as freebies are exactly what they say on the tin - free. I came away with some goggles (a perfect replacement for the standard ones issued to me), countless bags, more mugs and glasses, a set of mini screwdrivers, more pens and highlighters and also, a lot of useful information if I ever decide to pursue a career in law, engineering, chemistry, banking or pharmaceuticals.

Housing fair was not so good - I only came away with a handful of stuff but that was probably due to the small number of stalls there were.

Thinking back to last year's fairs, if there is one thing that I will be doing this year... Well, you know it. I will be at those fairs, ready and poised to snag a few more bagfuls of freebies. I remember from careers fair that I had so much stuff (around four large bags), I had to take the tube home! My hall was only a twenty minute walk from campus but the amount of stuff I had was far too much for my weak arms :(

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