12 Apr 2012

adorable sticky notes

Organising is more fun when there is a reason to enjoy it - and what better way to increase this enjoyment than through the use of cute sticky notes! I got these two sticky note sets from Artbox (don't worry, I don't work for them, I just love their stuff!) and they are just so adorable that sometimes, I find it really difficult to actually use them! Dilemma.

To add to the cuteness, I also have the two following sticky note sets too. They are designed to be like books so that they fold over (you can just see the faint outline of where you are meant to fold).

I'm a sucker for cute stationery and these sticky notes actually make me want to organise stuff and actually be busy!


  1. I've been very into art box as well! Their sticker collection makes me so happy! Do you know any other websites like art box for stationary? All I've really visited is accessorize and paperchase! :)


    1. I don't know of any other sites unfortunately :( I'm on the lookout for more though as I love cute stationery such as this! I know Etsy has quite a few sellers which sells more 'kitsch' stationery but at higher prices and higher shipping prices (especially if you're outside of America and Canada it seems).