20 Apr 2012

things to do in London...as a student

As a student, an important aspect of it is having fun but saving as much money as possible! Here are some things which are fun to do as a student but not costly either!

Be in the audience of a television programme.

Image Credit: The Telegraph

A good site for this is Lost In TV. From this site, I've been in the audience for The Apprentice: You're Fired three times so far and am planning to go again later this summer. Tickets are free and the experience is interesting and not to mention the fact that you get to see that week's episode of The Apprentice before the wider television audience!

Try Gourmet burgers.

Two better establishments for this is Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Byron burgers. I used to be a frequent customer at these two chains until my gluten intolerance came into the picture. They are a bit more expensive than a meal at McDonald's but the takeaway option makes them affordable as an occassional treat.

Ride on a Boris Bike!

Image Credit: New Biscuit

The more fun and cheap option to travel around London; or even to just ride around Hyde Park in! And with more docking sites added in recent months, this is definitely something that is convenient too.

Walk Along the River Thames

Credit: Rivers of the World

Always something to see and there are so many bridges you could cross to flit back and forth between north and south of 'the river'.

These are my top recommendations for things to do but with a city so big, there are so many more things that can be done for free or for a very small fee :)

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