5 Apr 2012


My Flex by Filofax notebook (the thinner version) is currently in use as my 'dissertation' notebook.
To brighten up a tedious project, I've used coloured Muji 0.5mm gel pens!
To brighten up organisation in my Filofax... I have done the following...

This is my 'To Visit' restaurant list. I've brightened it up by
writing in a way that is different in each row so that it looks more
interesting to the eye.

The use of post-it notes cut up into smaller sizes can increase the
room for writing things in my Filofax. It also increases the aesthetic
appeal when I open it up on the 'Today' tab.
Writing scary things in a scary way makes my Filofax more interesting;
well, it does to me anyway! 

As said before in a previous post, the use of stickers can also make my Filofax more 'personal' too.

Colouring in the foods that are in season in each month makes
a two-tone page come to life.

And finally, something else personal too! My sister is really, really good at art (though she's doing a Chemistry degree at Imperial College too at the moment; so artistic and brainy - not fair!) and she drew this for me to put in my Filofax. My hole punch came in very handy here and the picture is of a teddy I've had for years and so has sentimental value to me. 

What do you do to brighten up and personalise your Filofax? I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve the personal quality of my Filofax :-)


  1. I love my filofax I like to make sure everything is colour coordinated like lectures and appointments and things. It makes being organised more fun :)

  2. Ooh, colour coordinating things that are of the same nature sounds like a really good idea! x

  3. The restaraunt page is genius...
    If you haven't already been and can afford to spend a little more to treat yourself, give Navajo Joe's in Covent Garden a try, it's such a cute little bar/restaraunt with fab food! http://www.navajojoe.co.uk/